The MEAA offers an active award-winning educational programme of activities for schools, children’s events and, as a commitment to lifelong learning,  we hold an exciting programme of adult events


As an educational charity, the Museum of East Asian Art strives to promote a deeper understanding of East Asian cultures. To achieve this, the Museum provides educational services designed to encourage people of all ages to discover the arts and cultures of East Asia.


Education at the MEAA1 Education at the MEAA

Family Workshop at the MEAA


SCHOOLS: The Museum provides an education service from primary to higher education as well as adult education centres and universities. We also provide a wide-range of workshops and more hands-on activities as part of our continuing commitment to education at all levels. These activities are part of an in-house and education outreach programme which provides our younger visitors with a chance to learn about the arts and cultures of East Asia. Learn more here.

FAMILY EVENTS: The MEAA organises workshops every season and during school holidays. These family-fun activities are themed around different East Asian cultural traditions and crafts. They provide an engaging, fun and an opportunity for families to explore together. These activities are held at the Museum and other venues.  Learn more here.