Brush Painting                 

Curriculum links: Art and Design, History, Modern Foreign Languages

Brush Painting Workshop3 237x300 Key Stage Three



Pupils will examine authentic examples of Chinese painting as well as the special tools and materials used. They will discover how ink sticks are ground to make liquid pigment on slate ink stones. Pupils will learn the basic techniques of holding and manipulating Chinese brushes to create a simple painting.






Design your own Hanbok

Curriculum links: Art and Design, Citizenship, English

Design your own Hanbok Workshop Key Stage Three



This workshop is an introduction to Korean culture. Korean folklore is commonly mistaken with Chinese or Japanese traditions. This workshop will help students to develop basic knowledge on Korean costumes, history and society using the hanbok (the traditional Korean gown ) as a tool. Using different patterns, they will colour  their  hanbok in, draw a face and cut out the Korean paper doll. As a part of the workshop, they will have a card with a different Korean name and a profession that they can present to the rest of the class





Curriculum links: Art and Design, Citizenship.

Origami Workshop1 300x238 Key Stage Three



Pupils learn the ancient Japanese art of paper folding by creating a variety of traditional forms using authentic origami paper.






Shadow Puppets

Curriculum links: Art and Design, Citizenship, Music, Religious Education

Pupils will examine the Museum’s fantastic collection of Indonesian and Thai shadow puppets. They will also watch some examples of Chinese, Indonesian and Thai performances. During the session, pupils will create their own puppets and use these to perform scenes from a traditional tale.

Shadow Puppet Workshop 21 233x300 Key Stage Three

Shadow Puppet Workshop2 300x231 Key Stage Three











Terracotta Army

Curriculum links: Art and Design, History

Terracotta Army Workshop4 300x225 Key Stage Three

Pupils will look at reproductions of the awesome 7,000 strong terracotta army created in China over 2000 years ago. During the session, the students will handle objects of the same age and origin as those found with the terracotta army. They will create a personal tomb guardian using air drying clay, and these can be used to form a class terracotta army.






The Image of Buddha

Curriculum links: Art and Design, Religious Education


Image of Buddha Workshop 275x300 Key Stage Three



Pupils will handle Buddhist artefacts and examine the meaning of some of the symbols used. The participants will have an opportunity to construct their own Buddha statue out of air drying clay, following the principles of iconometrics.