Museums around the world all face the same problem. Entrance fees and income form the Museum’s shop sales and events simply do not cover the running costs. Some museums are funded with government support, but most independent museums, like the Museum of East Asian Art, rely on fund-raising or a substantial endowment to meet the shortfall.

Thanks to the generosity of a number of families and businesses, an endowment fund has been set up to assist with the financing of the Museum’s services and to ensure a secure future.

However, the income from this fund does not cover all the Museum’s running costs and there is no allowance for future expansion nor the normal and inevitable increase in costs associated with running a dynamic museum.

The challenge faced by the Museum is to increase this fund to a level that will provide the resources to ensure the collection remains accessible and to enable the Museum to develop its educational role. Brian McElney’s wish to pass on to the next generation a collection that ‘vividly illustrates the early emergence of China, long before the West, as a great civilisation of art, learning and culture’ will also be fulfilled.

You can help in various ways, from joining the Museum’s Friends Association, to making a donation or leaving a legacy to the Museum. Every contribution is greatly appreciated.