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• 22nd August – 10th December 2006

Chinese Ceramics and the Maritime Trade pre 1700

Exploring the history and diversity of ceramic wares produced in non-imperial kilns and exported around the world prior to 1700

• 22nd August – 10th December 2006

Mongolia: Images from the Steppes

25 photos by Enzo Obiso depicting the vast spaces of the Mongolian Steppes

• 1st May – 13th August 2006

Happiness & Blessings

Illustrating the cultural significance of symbolic motifs in Chinese art

• 1st May – 13th August 2006

Sera: The Way of the Tibetan Monk

A beautiful and inspiring display of images by photographer Sheila Rock

• 4th January – 23rd April 2006

Hidden Threads

Detailing the fascinating voyage of Isabel and Eleanor Cadbury to China and Japan in 1907 this exhibition reveals a collection of early 20th century textiles and souvenir items from East Asia. On loan from a local family.

• 4th January – 23rd April 2006

An Eastern Impression – paintings by Wendy Yeo

A selection of mixed media paintings by semi-abstract artists Wendy Yeo, an electrifying mix of traditional Chinese brushwork and Western ideas inspired by nature, landscapes and cityscapes.