• 2nd July – 10th September 2011

Earth + Fire = Vessel

A Bath Royal Literary and Scientific Institution exhibition in association with the Museum of East Asian Art.  An exhibition examining the history of ceramics, as a technology that has shaped our material culture through time.

• 25th June 2010 – 10th April 2011

Touring Exhibition – From China To Arabia: Ancient Treasure Ships and The Great Oman Voyage

This exhibition, co-curated by the Museum of East Asian Art, showcased more than 90 artefacts from the MEAA, as well as objects from the Bait Al Zubair Museum in Muscat, Oman and ancient Chinese ceramics from the Sultanate’s Ministry of Heritage & Culture.  A compelling exhibition of rare treasures dating from the 9th century AD through to the height of trade in 16th century AD, it referenced the discovery of an Arab shipwreck off the coast of Indonesia in 1998.  The exhibition toured Singapore and Oman.

• 4th September 2010 – 4th October 2011

Hanoi: Spirit of a City

“Hanoi: Spirit of a City” was an evocative photographic exhibition at the Museum of East Asian Art.  Taken in the years following the Vietnam War, the photographs explore the streets of Hanoi, the city that became the capital of Vietnam once the 20 year long war was finally over and North and South Vietnam were reunited in 1976.