• 25 February – 24 June

Chinese Zodiac in Bath

Local artist, Aili Purdy, has worked in partnership with the Museum of East Asian Art on the global, yet local, project “Chinese Zodiac in Bath”, a painting exhibition incorporating the traditional Chinese zodiac with local scenes of Bath, as well as objects in the Museum of East Asian Art.

Porcelain Jewels: Figures from the Hirado Mikawachi Kilns of Japan

The Hirado Mikawachi kilns were established by the end of the 17th century on the Island of Hirado in Nagasaki Prefecture, Japan.  The kilns were originally for the exclusive use of the daimyo, or territorial lord, of Hirado Island. The wares were known for their high quality and fine craftsmanship and made some of the finest porcelain in Japan from 1751 to 1843. This exhibition explores the different types of figures produced at the Hirado Mikawachi kilns and spotlights some of the dating questions that arises.